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Forex settlement

Let’s say I do a forex trade to convert my CAD to USD. Now that the trade is done, i have USD in my account. Can I buy some shares right away with these USD? Or is there a settlement date that I need to wait for so I don’t violate any rules? Thanks!
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When Nano FOREX settlement mechanism?

Asking for a friend named Andy Woolmer
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Forex settlement giant CLS in final testing of blockchain payment system

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Forex Settlement Provider CLS Invests in Blockchain Consortium R3

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Forex Settlement Provider CLS Invests in Blockchain Consortiu... #cryptocurrency #ethereum #crypto Forex… - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: May 31, 2018 at 07:33AM
Forex Settlement Provider CLS Invests in Blockchain Consortiu... #cryptocurrency #ethereum #crypto Forex…
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Forex Settlement Provider CLS Invests in Blockchain Consortium R3

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Forex Settlement Provider CLS Invests in Blockchain Consortium R3

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Forex Settlement Provider CLS Invests in Blockchain Consortium R3

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[World] - Forex settlements show slip in trade

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@FT: HSBC agrees to $101.5m US forex settlement

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[Business] - Chinese banks' forex settlement deficit expands in December

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[Business] - Chinese banks' forex settlement deficit expands in December | China Daily

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Big banks agree $2bn forex settlement

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Forex Settlement termed "Laughably Inadequate"--No admission of wrongdoing or jail time--Designed to generate headlines and little behavior modification

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UK, US, Swiss Close In On Forex Settlement With Top Banks

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Barclays Takes Extra $1.2B Hit For Potential Forex Settlements

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UBS pays $545m in forex settlement

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Global banks admit guilt in forex probe, fined nearly $6 billion!
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The Digital Asset Economy :

The digital asset space is also experiencing a period of rapid growth. In a space once dominated by startups, a number of well-established traditional technology players are looking to capitalize on this new form of global, decentralized currency. For example, IBM, Citi, Barclays and nine other financial institutions have joined forces to develop LedgerConnect - a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform that will provide financial institutions with Forex settlement services. This is only one example of how digital assets are trickling into traditional business models, and a good example of why it’s an exciting time to be part of this revolution. #EZ365 #EZWin #EZAcademy #EZExchange
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XRP Price Catalysts

  1. Listing on Coinbase (Forkbase), retail market driven
  2. SEC declaration of its legal status (investor certainty signal) retail and institutional speculative drive
  3. Production deployment of XRapid (institutional utility drive) (banks, remittance providers, payment apps like alipay,.etc.)
  4. Announcement by central banks of backing of stable coin on XRP ledger (FOMO by entire planet)
  5. XRP ETF (institutional speculative)
  6. XRP used by SBI Holdings for FOREX settlement (institutional utility)
  7. Announcement by major institution (Fidelity, Black rock, etc.) of institutional Custodianship for digital assets (including XRP) (institutional and retail speculative)
  8. CODIUS deployment commits on Github rising exponentially when developers realize the coding is agnostic, settlement time and transaction fees are virtually nonexistent (development utility for institutional and retail use cases)
  9. Ripple announces production level product for derivatives trading and settlement using CODIUS smart contracts and XRP ledger (institutional utility)
  10. BTC bull run with trickle down crypto economics
  11. Use by the Arabian Peninsula for oil contract settlements
Any single one is equivalent to trillion dollar markets at full utility. I think Ripple is working on ALL of these! People, step back and stop looking at bullshit manipulated crypto charts, the stars are aligning. Buy as much as you possibly can, sell blood. Get ready and start worrying about how you're going to hide all your money.
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With all the benefits associated with this platform,from gaming, trading to even learning about cryptocurrencies.
This is a revolutionary digital ecosystem consisted of EZ Win-an online blockchain-based gaming platform which offers casino games and sports/e-sports betting,EZ Exchange-a digital assets trading platform and EZ Academy-and educational platform.The platform additionally provides payment gateway offerings to other companies allowing them to quickly and easily convert their digital assets to fiat.
The platform is really easy to use, its integrated with exchange and Igaming platforms,creating an unparalleled and unique value proposition in several ways.Even more importantly,you get to have fun using the platform,with access to a wide variety of casino games,sports, and e-sports betting,and bingo or lottery games.
This industry is also among the ones undergoing rapid growth. In a space that was once dominated by startups,several well established conventional technology players are planning to capitalize on this new advanced form of decentralized global currency.IBM,Barclays, and ten others are among the financial institutions who have collaborated to come up with a Distributed Ledger Technology platform which will offer financial institutions with forex settlement services,the more reason why you should be a part of this revolution.
The EZ365 team is comprised of leaders in blockchain and digital assets development and experts in network and security infrastructure who come from global capital and derivatives markets like Toronto Stock Exchange, Boston Options Exchange among others.The ecosystem has been designed to align with the global ISO 27001 compliance standards and risk management.EZ Exchange aims to become the first digital assets exchange in the world to achieve the standard of ISO 27001 verification.So,security is the last issue you should be concerned about with the EZ365 ecosystem.
The platform aspires to hold the world’s first Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) with the option to convert from EZ365 utility token to a security token. It will entail an IEO generating the EZ365 utility token followed by the intention to offer a fully compliant conversion to a regulated security token with all the associated benefits and rights of a conventional investment in a security,such as equity,profit sharing,transparency,full disclosure, and consumer protection.
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Market Makers Tin Foil Hat

Came across couple threads on here about people discussing SL hunting Market Makers and quite a few said that all this is baloney... Since its Friday and I just finished analyzing the screws ups of the week, I decided to write a short post about the matter from my experience as my PERSONAL opinion.
To begin with, Stock Trading and Options communities have a general consensus that some kind of 'shady activities' occur. It's actually almost a mainstream idea, thanks to movies like Wolf of Wallstreet and people like Musky with his 'funding secured'. Along with countless other charged and non charged insider trading individuals and entities.
I imagine I don’t have to explain the ‘crypto’ market a place where they actually run ads to join a group and then pump and dump some shitty coin.
Anyway enough of other folks, lets move on to Forex. To cut it simply, Banks have already been caught red handed collaborating in chat rooms on how to manipulate the price to their advantage. (
So this should answer your question if there WAS Market Maker who moved markets.... Yes there was and its not some conspiracy theory, they've been found, charged, fined. Its up to you to decide if this is still going on or just stopped overnight.
Do these people SL hunt your individual positions? No, but what they do is seek liquidity... Chances are, you have placed SL after your usual textbook analysis at a major support/resistance as many other retailers... Experienced Whale traders at CITI, JP etc know where you have these SL. They also know where you most likely placed your pending buy/sell with tight SL. All they have to do is drive the price enough to take out all of the above and stopped out positions will fuel their direction... Combine that with creation of some 'other pattern' and you have bunch of other people jumping on the train going same directions as the institutional trader. Job done.
Now onto the Brokers.
From my experience, there is no such thing as a good Market Maker Broker... Yes there are absolute awful unregulated ones with dealing desk where you will most likely never withdraw any profits and some not so bad ones like Oanda, Forex without a dealing desk.
Ask how Oanda, make their money... They will tell you its by spreads... Open up Oanda and check out average spreads and go to 'maximum' ... You will see some rather crazy spreads during news that if you ever traded on ECN would seem alien to you... Same goes to Rollover... Its up to you to decide if these things are just because Oanda and Gain have liquidity providers that are extremely in-flexible or.....
Lets not go far for a recent example, just open up EUUSD 1Minute chart of todays closing. ECN broker closed today at 1.6220 vs 1.6225 aka 0.5 pip spread and thats as high as the price went in last closing minutes... Spread did not jump anywhere much really - I was there to watch it.
Now lets open up Oanda chart on Tradingview... What do we see here? A spike to 1.16262 on last minute - now lets go and check Oandas maximum spread at this exact time, we find that it is exactly 6 pips.
Lets look at the chart again and think where a small time 'retail trader' that trades on small TF's would put their SL. Probably at 1.16254, 1.16282, 1.16293 area and lastly (same as me) 1.16323 area... Neither one of these would have been hit if you traded with ECN Broker... All of these with exception of last one (would be a really close call) would have been hit by Oanda or today. Again its up to you to decide if this is just because Gain and Oanda have such 'interesting' liquidity providers or a broker that makes money on spreads is... you know... making money on spreads...
So here is my 2 cents... This again is my personal opinion.
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Introduction to FX Spot Trading - YouTube How Foreign Exchange Settlement FIX messaging Works M5 T4 Foreign Exchange Settlement The Bank for International Settlements -The Most Powerful ... Closing Price Strategy vs Settlement Price

The settlement of Forex transactions by CCIL started from November 8, 2002. This segment accepts the inter-bank Cash, Tom, Spot and Forward USD-INR transactions for settlement through a process of multilateral netting. The multilateral netting system provides a netting benefit of well over 95%. First, the Direct Settlement Class is defined as: All Persons who, between January 1, 2003 and December 15, 2015, entered into an FX Instrument directly with a Defendant, a direct or indirect parent, subsidiary, or division of a Defendant, a Released Party, or co-conspirator where such Persons were either domiciled in the United States or its ... The law firms of Siskinds LLP, Sotos LLP, Koskie Minsky LPP, and Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman LLP are counsel in a class action against financial institutions (the “Defendants”) who conspired among themselves to fix, raise, maintain, stabilize, control, or enhance unreasonably the price of currency purchased in the foreign exchange or foreign currency market (the “FX Market”), and ... CHAPTER 4. Foreign Exchange Settlement. The topic of this chapter is settlement of foreign exchange transactions. For our purpose, settlement is the process of transferring funds to discharge the obligations of a foreign exchange transaction. I begin with the settlement instructions for the spot foreign exchange deal that was illustrated in the previous chapter. is a registered FCM and RFED with the CFTC and member of the National Futures Association (NFA # 0339826). Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Full Disclosure. Spot Gold and Silver contracts are not subject to regulation under the U.S. Commodity Exchange Act.

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Introduction to FX Spot Trading - YouTube

Webpage: Follow Me on Twitter: @StephanSmithFX Learn about the oldest and most Powe... A simple explanation and intro to the world of FX-Trading. Do NOT trade and thereby waste your money unless you REALLY understand what you are doing. Currenc... Know your forex terms Before we delve any deeper into the possibilities that exist in the Forex market, we need to go over some basic Forex market terms. Pip... SETTLEMENT SYSTEM IN STOCK EXCHANGE - Duration: 18:46. LEARNING WITH CS ANAND KANKANI Recommended for you. 18:46. Lesson 1 - What is Forex and how does It work? - Duration: 5:57. In this week's Topstep Moment of the Week on TradingFutures with Anthony Crudele, Coach Dan Hodgman talks about settlement prices in the 30-Year Bond. _ For more information about Topstep and ...